Avlakia House

  Bedrooms: 6

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Dramatic Architecture Meets Cycladic Simplicity

Avlakia House ticks all the boxes when it comes to luxurious island living, and features dramatic architectural details that will make every summer ritual and moment memorable.

Leisurely summer rituals and Cycladic nonchalance have found their home in the design of Avlakia House. This coastal villa appears deceivingly small from afar, due to the fact that most of its part is hidden underground and built with local stone. A main whitewashed volume stands out in the landscape like a monolith, surrounded by a spacious pool terrace on the one side and a dramatic entrance on the other with large steps inspired by the seats of ancient amphitheatres. Guests arrive to Avlakia House down the steps of this “theatre”, as if arriving on the stage where the most glorious summer holiday is about to unfold.

The main house faces west, which ensures perfect sunset views but also strong light coming into the house in the afternoon hours. This is why the architects have added an elegant loggia in front of the main house, to create a barrier for the strong sun and also to add an interesting architectural element that enhances the villa’s flow and form. This large whitewashed volume is crowned with a rooftop terrace, and also functions as a wind barrier that protects the pool area and outdoor lounge to the south. A long, curving pergola runs along the perimeter of the pool area, offering shade in the day and creating a more private feeling for dining and lounging outside. The bedrooms are built on the north side of the property, all facing west, and the guest house is completely detached, and facing one of the two adjacent beaches.

Avlakia House is part of OLIAROS’ 2018-2019 development phase on Antiparos, and our new Avlakia Masterplan. The Avlakia Masterplan involves the construction of five new villas, carefully placed on large plots of land on the west coast of Antiparos and near two pristine beaches. OLIAROS curates a complete suite of design, construction, after-sale, maintenance and management services, making the entire process of realising your dream home in Greece completely hassle-free for you. Properties are delivered within 18 months from when the client signs off the final plans, and are customised according to your preference as the building proceeds.

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  • Avlakia
  • ARP
  • doxiadis+
  • 20,006
  • 762
  • 771
  • 262
  • 25 x 4
  • 2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms
  • 200m direct private access
  • 10'
  • 8'

Vegetable garden, backup generator, lights, A/C, heating, fully equipped kitchen, hifi, wifi, alarm


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