Hinge House

  Bedrooms: 6

Hinge House - Hinge House - Hinge House - Hinge House - Hinge House - Hinge House -

A Sophisticated Holiday Residence with a Unique Architectural Concept

More like a sculptural composition than a building, Hinge House brings a truly unique and creative concept to the rough, sun-drenched landscape of Antiparos.

Based on a motif of curves drawn by a pair of compasses, the residence is a collection of circles, quarter-circles and lines that, when seen from above, look like an abstract work of art embedded into the land. Well-balanced and uncompromising, Hinge House is a project that hints back to the heyday of mid-century modernism, while being strongly rooted into the present day and its local context. Responsible for this unique design are the architects from SO-IL one of the most promising and emerging young practices in New York-in collaboration with a Greek partner.

Curvaceous Modernism, Greek Style

The sophisticated geometrical design is complemented by living spaces of extreme comfort and luxury that open out to soothing sea views and offer a rare panorama of Cycladic islands, from Milos to the southwest all the way to Serifos.  A pool terrace, covered verandas and submerged courtyards provide a variety of outdoor spaces for communal living or relaxing in private. Built mostly subterrain and with its roofs covered with earth and local plants, Hinge House also cleverly keeps the summer heat at bay and allows the breeze to circulate inside through shafts, courtyards and other openings. What steals the show is the well-sheltered terrace on the lower level, that opens out towards the sea but also remains perfectly hidden under a planted roof, and which creates a direct connection to the surrounding nature and the fragrant Mediterranean plants that grow on the property.

Property Information

Hinge House is part of OLIAROS’ 2018-2019 development phase on Antiparos, and our new Avlakia Masterplan.

The Avlakia Masterplan involves the construction of five new villas, carefully placed on large plots of land on the west coast of Antiparos and near two pristine beaches. OLIAROS curates a complete suite of design, construction, after-sale, maintenance and management services, making the entire process of realising your dream home in Greece completely hassle-free for you. Properties are delivered within 18 months from when the client signs off the final plans, and are customised according to your preference as the building proceeds.

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  • Avlakia
  • SO-IL / PILA
  • doxiadis+
  • 16,820
  • 675
  • 194
  • 321
  • 16 x 3
  • 2 bedrooms & 1 bathroom
  • 450m direct private access
  • 10'
  • 8'

Sunset view

Vegetable garden, backup generator, lights, A/C, heating, fully equipped kitchen, hifi, wifi, alarm


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