Kat II

  Bedrooms: 4

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A Minimalist’s Dream of a Villa in a Secluded Location near the Coast

This all-white residence gleams solemnly in the dry Cycladic landscape, and incorporates local traditional patterns and materials.

Reminiscent of a venerable ancient temple, this all-white residence is built along a continuous wall, with its rooms arranged one next to the other and facing southwest towards the sea. The property unfolds on the slopes of a glen that creates a sense of complete isolation amidst unspoiled nature, and is only a few hundred meters from the nearby beach. The main house is built on the northern slope of the glen, and an equally geometrical and minimalist guesthouse has already been erected on the southern slope, offering a glimpse of the style and materials to be used in the finished villa.

Marble, whitewashed masonry, clever use of mobile panels for shade and geometrical patterns inspired by local tradition complete this perfectly balanced design that exudes an air of aesthetic sensibility. The terraces surrounding the house and pool have rounded edges, giving the sense of a platform floating in the landscape. Inside, a series of common spaces open generously to the landscape outside—leading to the private sleeping areas and the master bedroom, which enjoys its own, hidden outdoor terrace. Kat II has been designed by distinguished Swiss Architects Andreas Fuhrimann and Gabrielle Hächler of Zurich-based studio afgh.

Kat II is part of OLIAROS’ Pigadakia Masterplan. OLIAROS curates a complete suite of design, construction, after-sale, maintenance and management services, making the entire process of realising your dream home in Greece completely hassle-free for you. Properties are delivered within 18 months from when the client signs off the final plans, and are customised according to your preference as the building proceeds.

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  • Pigadakia
  • AFGH Architects
  • doxiadis+
  • 11,000
  • 400
  • 260
  • 60
  • 88m2
  • 2.5km trek
  • 7,5km
  • 7'

Sunset view

A/C, wifi, Daily cleaning, Vegetable garden


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