Lift House

  Bedrooms: 6

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A Coveted Property Surrounded by Nature and History

This unique villa on the southwest coast of Antiparos has been designed by one of Greece’s most respected architects, who is also a philosopher and writer.

Agios Georgios is Antiparos’ second village, designed in the 1970s with a low-density urban plan, and situated on the island’s southwest coast. Facing a picturesque bay and surrounded by  a NATURA natural reserve, the area where Lift House is to be built is one of the most coveted on Antiparos in terms of view, natural beauty and history. The temple of Apollo on the nearby Despotiko island used to be an important religious centre in ancient times, and the calm waters between the islet and the coast are a natural harbour for fishing boats and other vessels.

Embodying a juxtaposition of contrasts, the villa is divided into two zones: the upper, “white” volume containing the living room, kitchen and master bedroom, and the lower “black” volume with additional bedrooms, guest quarters and auxiliary spaces. Traditional local materials keep the building in harmony with its surroundings, while the use of a special insulating paint helps to repel the heat during the day. To reach the street or the beach below, residents can use a special platform lift, which lends the villa its name. Lift House is designed by Aristide Antonas—an academic, writer, philosopher and one of the most prominent Greek architects, founder of Antonas Office.

Inspired by traditional Cycladic houses, the villa’s main volume has an asymmetrical roof that is the result of an interesting play of geometries and shapes. Given a pure white finish, the villa has an inclined rooftop that follows the shape of the hill behind it, so as not to interrupt the natural horizon. Nature will be preserved on the site as much as possible, since even large rocks will be kept in place, and the villa will incorporate them in its design. The rooftop can be used as a lounge, accessible via a series of steps: here residents can enjoy dramatic sunsets, evening drinks or early morning yoga sessions in complete privacy.

Lift House is an exclusive OLIAROS property on Antiparos, on the Agios Georgios-Despotiko site. OLIAROS curates a complete suite of design, construction, after-sale, maintenance and management services, making the entire process of realising your dream home in Greece completely hassle-free for you. Properties are delivered within 18 months from when the client signs off the final plans, and are customised according to your preference as the building proceeds.

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  • Agios Georgios
  • antonas office
  • doxiadis+
  • 1,000
  • 383
  • 247
  • 100
  • 13 x 3
  • 1 bedroom & 1 bathroom
  • 200m trek
  • 5'
  • 15'

Sunset view

Vegetable garden, backup generator, lights, A/C, heating, fully equipped kitchen, hifi, wifi, alarm


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