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An Enviable Seafront Property on Sifneiko Bay

A renowned architect and visual artist is behind the innovative layout of
this one-of-a-kind seaside villa near Antiparos village.

Conveniently situated within 600 meters from the main Antiparos village and 1300 meters from its port, Sif 09 is an enviable seafront property on Sifneiko Bay, close to one of the island’s best sandy beaches. Surrounded by fields, sea cliffs and nature, the property is basically on the northernmost tip of Antiparos, a location that ensures seclusion and privacy despite its close proximity to the village. In order to make the most out of the property’s orientation and spectacular sunset views, the architect has raised the house on an elevated platform, and placed all spaces to face the sea while turning their back to the north winds.

The residence is made up of different detached volumes that evoke the asymmetrical and random architecture of a Cycladic village—and just like a village, it offers many outdoor areas for relaxing, sunbathing, sharing dinner and other communal rituals.

An elongated platform stretching out towards the coast has its own pavilion, ideal for gazing at what some call the most beautiful sunset in the Cyclades. This is an architecturally playful and unique residence that enables spending time both indoors and outdoors. The architect of this project is Andreas Angelidakis, one of the most avant-garde Greek architects and internationally known visual artist, writer and curator.

Sif 09 is part of OLIAROS’ 2017 development phase on Antiparos, on Sifneiko Bay. OLIAROS curates a complete suite of design, construction, after-sale, maintenance and management services, making the entire process of realising your dream home in Greece completely hassle- free for you. Properties are delivered within 18 months from when the client signs off the final plans, and are customised according to your preference as the building proceeds.

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  • Sifneiko Bay
  • AA Architecture
  • doxiadis+
  • 9.700
  • 515
  • 1.260
  • 175
  • 17 x 3.5
  • 300m trek
  • 15'
  • 3'

Sunset view

Vegetable garden, backup generator, lights, A/C, heating, fully equipped kitchen, hifi, wifi, alarm


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